We have FREE WINE TASTINGS on Friday from 1pm-6pm.  Not only that, the wines we choose for sampling are available for purchase at a discounted price.  Try it first, then buy it for less!  Also check out our GIFTS page.



Special Offers & Discounts:

We appreciate your business! But we don't want to just tell you, we want to SHOW you with the following fine discounts!

When you Buy Two Wednesdays: Buy two or more bottles of the type of wine on sale for that week, and we'll give you 15% off!       (Discount valid on in-store purchases only.)
  • 1st Wednesday of the Month - Domestic Reds
  • 2nd Wednesday of the Month - Imported Whites
  • 3rd Wednesday of the Month - Imported Reds
  • 4th Wednesday of the Month - Domestic Whites
  • 5th Wednesday of the Month - All Wines!

Case Discount: Buy any 12 bottles of wine and we'll give you 10% off, every day!

Current In-Store Wine Sales: If we get a deal, we want to give it right back to you.